Problem sharing form url, form not appearing

Hi, I have spent quite some time creating a form and now want people to be able to fill it out. It is a citizen science programme. I want to send the link for the form to the programme participants and they fill the form out at home. I want them to have the option of following that link or going via the app, whichever they prefer.

I have selected accept submissions and share project publicly. This appeared:

Sharing by link is **on with URL

I sent this link to a friend. When he clicked on it it had info like see data, photos, submissions etc. Only on clicking on enter data in browser did he get to where I would like participants to go directly. How do I do this? I want people just to get the form without having a kobo account and not to be able to see behind the scenes at all.

Thanks a million for your time!


Its simple. You will need to send them two links (one for mobile phone app users and the other for those who want to use web form). I have attached a step to show you how to share the link. For those using the app, you need to share They will have to select the menu > General settings > Server and edit the url with yours. For web users, please refer to step by step approach in the attached

file. here is my sample link

Thanks a million for the reply! I somehow figured it out last night but it’s great to have it confirmed. Sent the link to a few friends now to test and it is working perfectly. Thank you!

Share the web link of the form to your users.