Problem to see the overview (Error message seen while previewing survey form)

When I put my questionnaire on the Kobo server and try to see the preview, I get the following message. Can someone help me?

Error message is:

"Une erreur s’est produite durant le chargement de ce formulaire. Il est recommandé de ne pas utiliser ce formulaire pour entrer des données jusqu’à ce que ce soit résolu.

Merci de contacter undefined en incluant le lien vers cette page et le message d’erreur ci-dessous :

Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0"

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Would you mind sharing your xlsform with the community? Maybe we could too have a look at our end.

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Unfortunately I can’t share the xlsform because I don’t have permission from my organization to share it. Sorry!

Maybe you could validate it here and see if you see the same issue.

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With this, it works well,
I deployed with this json’s error.
Thanks dear!


Thank you for confirming!