Problem using KoBo collect


sometimes, on a tablet, your filesystem is organized a little differently. Check to see that your forms are stored in /sdcard/odk/forms/

If you don’t find this folder, make sure that you launch kobocollect on your tablet one time. The first time you run it, kobocollect will create the necessary file structure.

Copy your form.XML to the odk/forms/ directory and try again to open your survey from the KoBo app.

If you still can’t get it, I’d like to see your survey XML form. Please send your tablet model and if it has an sdcard or internal memory only.

Thanks for using KoBo, and happy new year.

-Neil Hendrick

KoBo devoper


On Dec 27, 2012 9:10 AM, wrote:


we have problems using KoboCollect. We installed it in our tablet, but we can’t use Form we made. It’s not allowed to start a new form, we can only open “Kobo Collect 1.2 RC1 (1006)” and its predefined forms.

We are using a Sony tablet sgpt111cl/s

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