Problem while editing entered records

Hello, I just wondering if there was an update in data table part, because the “pen” and small “eye icon” are no longer visible in data table view, also my main problem is although I made a question with a type of “select_one”, a person I defined with editing authority, by typing a word that is not in the options, and can submits the record,I think there is a serious logic error here,because I cannot restrict the user. .Also, while using editing option, she/he can’t see the options in that select one questions, how can he/she edit without seeing the choices ? please kindly find the word “ay” that I wrote using the “edit” function in the photo below, although it is not in the select one options

@anilgnydn, the Pen and eye icon can be brought back as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Regarding your editing issues:

Is this the flow you followed while editing:

  • Made a select_one question
  • Tried editing it with some random text under the DATA>Table
  • Succeeded editing?

Could you further explain in bullets the steps I missed out?

Dear @Kal_Lam thank you for your reply. Please kindly find screen records of the problem in below link , hope it will explain it better.

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Well, so I observed that you could also edit the select_one question from the DATA>Table. Your concern is that the system should show the dropdown from the select_one when trying to edit the same?

Hello @Kal_Lam thank you for your reply. Yes my first concern is is that the system should show the dropdown from the select_one when trying to edit the same. Secondly, a user with editing authority can enter data in the form of text where the question type is select one, normally this should not be possible.

@anilgnydn, if you wish to edit your submission and see a drop down of the select_one question you could do it through the pen like edit icon image from under the DATA>Table. That will take you to a different page (like the one you do when collecting data through Enketo) and you should be able to follow all the constraints the survey project has while editing your submissions.

Maybe this post discussed previously should also help you answer your query on why these are still present in the DATA>Table edits:

Summary of the post discussed previously:

Due to the complexity involved, we do not have any plans to apply skip logic, constraints, or validation to bulk edit operations, nor do we plan to re-evaluate calculations during bulk edits.

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