problem with kobo and odk briefcase...please need your support urguntly

Dear all,
Please if someone can help me urgently.

I have 2 forms on a kobo server one of the forms have encryption (public_key) and the other form is just standard form without encryption.

I am trying to use ODK Briefcase in order to pull the forms from the kobo server, but i keep getting the same error massage when pulling any of these forms.

"Fetching form definition

resolving against briefcase form definitions

Error parsing form definition: org.opendatakit.aggregate.exception.ODKIncompleteSubmissionData: The data model does not have an id or xmlns attribute. Add an id=“” attribute to the top-level instance data element of your form."

please see the screen shots of the ODK briefcase that i am using, and please find in the attachment the XLSForm for kobo.

Thank you.


MADProfilingtest.xls (83 KB)