Problem with server URL on kobocollect app

Hello all,

I would like to point out that since a week, on the kobocolelct app, we noticed that the server URL doesn’t work anymore, resulting in no project deployed, whereas works.

We used the former to guarantee that the enumerators (outside of our organisations) would only access the deployed project from us, and not all the projects their username has access to.

Do you have a workaround?
Thank you,

Welcome back to the community, @Hasina! You can always check the URL that you configure as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Thank you very much @Kal_Lam for your answer, but indeed, this is the general URL, and the enumerator would have access to our deployed project as well as other deployed projects from other teams as long as their credentials have been granted access.

Before, you could add the user_name at the end of to make it more specific.

@Hasina, if this is the case, then you should be able to configure your app with the following settings:

For the EU Server:




For the Global Server:




No need to touch the Username and Password. You can leave them blank. And for your username, change the username to your exact username.

Apart from this configuration in the app, you will also need to check the project settings at the server level.

The settings should be at this level. So, with these settings, you can submit your data to the server.

If you set your project setting to this level, then you will not be able to submit your data from the app to the server. You will be getting an error something to …

Note: Please be informed that this approach of configuring the URL will only work if you are the admin and wish to collect your data with the particular admin account. If you share a project with other users (accounts), the URL settings will not work.

@Kal_Lam thank you for your answer. I think the most important part of your answer is the note.
the username at the end of the url was working previously for other users as mere data collector, I was the admin depoying all the projects.

Thank you again and we will set up our deployment accordingly!

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