Problems in data base when creating a group of questions

I built a form with a group of questions (which can repeat) that I need to link to a first question, example: 1. Name of activity 2. Group of questions: name of participant, sex and age. So, I need to export my data with the activity name in 1 column; the name of participants in other one; and so on. Therefore, I could know the info of the participants that were present in the same activity. However, when I export the data (XSL) it is presented in one page the Name of the activity and in other page the info about names, sex and age. How could I solve this problem???

Hi @svforero
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Normally data from repeat groups are found within their own sheets given the structure of the data. This data structure adopts the long data format approach where each repeated item/person appears as a single case represented by a single row in these separate sheets. You can then use the column labeled ID within the sheets to identify how the data link to the main questionnaire (non-repeating parts) whose data is stored within the main (first) sheet.

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@svforero, you should be able to merge repeat group data with the main data with Excel as outlined in the support article: