Problems on detecting Kobo Libra H20 on Macbook pro 2020

Hi you all,
I have already called the assistance number. then this is a desperate test to see if someone else solved in another way my problem.

I have bought a Macbook pro 2020. And I recently bought also a Libra H20.
I changed several adaptors but none of them made my Kobo be detected by my Macbook. It is only charged, but it is not “seen” in any way.

I tried to download Kobo App. Nothing - it blocks asking me to connect the device.
I tried to change USB ports, 2.0 or 3.0 from the same adaptor. Nothing.
My Kobo works fine in other 2 Windows computers, it has not any deficiency.

Is there someone of you which solved this issue? Thank you very much in advance.

Welcome to the community, @scatolabox! I am afraid if you have landed to the wrong community. This is a platform for data collection which you should be able to find more through this site.

sorry, and thank you for your explanation!

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