Problems with repeating questions in kobo tools in phone

I am making a form where i first ask the number of students in a class, and then use repeating questions for asking name and roll number of all students. Now i use repeat_count property to repeat the name and roll number question as per the number of students.

Sometime teachers accidently put more number of students in the first question. Then they edit the number of students to be lower like editing 20 students with 19, however the kobotool still asks for 20 inputs.

In pc when edited the number it immediately removes input feild for that 1 extra student, but in phone the extra student input feild remails even if the number of students have been edited

A similar problem/bug was reported in 2020 already, for Kobo Collect. See Cases not removed after repeat_count was reduced (KoBoCollect). (Test case is included).

Do you use Collect (ODK or Kobo?) on the phone? Or Enketo?
Do you use Enketo (Webform) on the pc?

@wroos i use kobo collect in phone, and i just use preview form on the desktop.