Programing auto generation of data

I have finished my data collection in the field and i wish do elaborate a distribution questionnaire in regards to my collected data to the field. i wish that once you enter the persons name manually or code or any other element kobo should automatically generate all that persons information after programming…could kobo do such ? will be pleased to get help from you… thanks in advance

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@pavlov, have you used the table view? It has filters, and if you type in some matching words like the respondent’s name, you should be able to see the details in the table.

Additionally, you should also be able to download the data in Excel format and then do whatever you wish to.

yes i have used the table view but doesn’t answer my question. the the problem is i donot not know how to go about it in excel to produce the result i want. how are we program it to fonction in a way once you enter a key information all the others are automatically generated without you have to chose on a fied. please do you see a little what am talking about?

please do you have an example of a data set that could do just that? or the choice filter could be a solution too. but when i think of it i see limitations in the sense that all the answers to the question neds to be know before and then program and doesn’t give you the possible to enter an information so it can automatically generate other data of the same person…

@pavlov, you could also filter the query in Excel.

hello kal_lam this is what i would love to do shown by this photo below. once a series of numbers entered an automatic response can be generated with identities of the correspondent. I wish you tell me how i can do that

thanks for your response in advance

Do you mean when collecting data?

yes something like that but the respondent info’s was already collected in a previous data collection and have to be in the next data collection form which can be autogenerated when his ID is entered so his information can be verified once more. please do you get it
thanks waiting for your reply

@pavlov, you could do this through the dynamic data attachment feature discussed in the support article:

Alternatively you could also do this through the pull data function as outlined in this article:

Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox

thanks you very much that correspondent to what i want. i have created the pulldata fonction with xlsform but it refuses to open in kobocollect platform when i want to view it and test it an error message appears. please see in attached the file below. could you please help me find whats wrong with this file?

distribution_netproject - Copy.xlsx (13.0 KB)

@pavlov, if you are using the pull data function, please check the CSV file format. Sometimes, the issue you are reporting happens when the CSV format is not compatible or should be as it is.

In this case, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

hello Kal_lam i have created the pulldata and it works well on kobocollect website when i have a view of the questionnaire. but fails to work on enketo and kobo andrioid. please i have attached my files below so u could see it the csv and xlmfom. please will be happy you help me our with this

distribution_net_final.xlsx (11.0 KB)

pulldatanetproject.csv (50.2 KB)

please help me handle this or find out what may be wrong with this. thanks

@pavlov, you will need to save the .csv file in UTF-8 format if the pre-loaded data contains non-English fonts or special characters. This enables your Android device to render the text correctly.