Programmatically updating Media files not working anymore

Hi there

We’ve been using Kobo since ~3 years for data collection. We have been constantly syncing data from our web-application with the Kobo-forms via file-uploads (we update the Media-files (eg. user-choices.csv).

This all was working fine until about 2 weeks ago when suddently all the files that are uploaded to Kobo are empty. They are still displayed under /settings/media (Attached files), but when we try to view/download them there is only an empty link.

We didn’t change anything on our side. Did the Kobo-api somehow change in the last few weeks?

We are grateful for any hints.

@Kal_Lam - can you help us with some insights here?

Hi @Kal_Lam I am also getting the same problem.

I wonder if this is somehow connected to Failure to access csv file uploaded to Settings/Media

Hi @nat

Indeed, this sounds like it could be the same root source.

However, I am trying to understand whether we are applying the same steps to bring data (back) to the kobo form through a csv file as you.

We query all collected (and other) data with PowerBI and create – amongst many other things – a table there which we manually copy into a csv file which we then upload afresh to Settings/Media – with re-deploying the form so far being the last step. In the form the csv file is accessed by the minimal search function (in the appearance column) and this now creates a “missing file” error message, if we don’t apply the new workaround (delete file in Media, redeploy form, upload file in Media, redeploy form). While later in the form, the csv file data are also accessed with the pulldata function, we have not tested, yet, whether the missing file issue occurs there, too (very likely).

The whole (semi-manual) approach is taken, because we didn’t find a way to fully automatize this, like through a scheduled query from the kobo side (still hoping that this exists and that someone tells us one day…).

Maybe it helps the Kobotoolbox team and @Kal_Lam, if you describe the steps you are applying in detail, too, as well as the way of accessing the csv file data and the respective error messages?