Projects missing today

Dear Community,

I just had the same issue. I made minor edits in the questionnaire and replaced it. An error appeared (something like assets not matching query). I tried to log out and log in again. When I logged in again, I realized that my project has become a draft, with no submissions. There were 500+ submissions before that. I can´t retrieve the data anymore. Could you please help out with this?
username: xxxxx (in Kobo humanitarian)
name of project: cooking diaries intensive


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Welcome to the community @geresmm! Thank you for providing a detailed information on what happened. This information should be helpful to troubleshoot. Will reach you back when we solve the issue.

Thank you. Just to make a precision: the data was closer to 800, not 500.

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Thank you for updating the information!

We had similar problem. About one hour ago, after import and preview of a form draft (not deployed), strange error with assets … (never seen before). Then form was fully lost.

Hi @geresmm FYI there has been an announcement from KoBo team on this issue - please see the below post for updates