Providing a form number to a submitted form

Hello dear friends,
I am trying to find out a way to give certain serial code for each questionnaire that is filled by the staff in field.
i am thinking in two ways of solving that, and don’t know which one is working in kobo.
The first:
to generate automatic serial code which can be done by Kobo using any type of equations or restrictions;
The second: if i can previously uploading data to kobo, and then when the staff in field insert the name of the respondent, the kobo generate an equation to retrieve the code associated with the name from the previous uploaded data.

Please your help and thanks in advance.

Hi @mohammedrezeq,

Would you mind going through the support article How to: Create Sequential, Unique Serial Numbers. It should help you sort out your issue.

Alternatively you could also have a look at the discussion discussed earlier, which should provide you some insights:


Hi @mohammedrezeq
I would like to build on the response provided by @Kal_Lam with specific structure as below

You should use the method specifically mentioned by @Kal_Lam to do this. How to: Create Sequential, Unique Serial Numbers .

On the second part of your “alternative solution”

You will need to use a functionality known as pull data functionality which is explained within the article which can be found here


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Thank you dear, it works effectively…

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Thank you dear, …

i just wanted to ask if there is any example existed to know how can i do it better.

Hi @mohammedrezeq
You should be able to find the explanation self explanatory that it makes it very easy for you to customize it. Unfortunately we may not have a bandwidth to create an example that fits every users iteration, we however provide all the information needed for a user to iterate as much as possible. Reach out if you are stuck on a specific step and we will help you out.


Thank you dear,
I tried many times, but it i did not go well, even though i almost took the same structure of the questions in the link.

i don’t know if i can upload photos to show you if you have any recommendation, i will appreciate that.

Hi @mohammedrezeq
Sure you can post the photos you have that will help us identify your issue more clearly.


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Thank you dear, here are two two photos for the two files

please, let me know where i did wrong

and here i did uploaded the CSV file

Hi @mohammedrezeq
Out of curiosity, what are you using for data collection is it web forms or the collect application on the phone? If web forms, then you should note that pull data does not work on web forms and this could be the issue that is causing this.

As I look at your scripting, this looks fine.


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Hi @stephanealoo
But in the pulldata webpage in the link you shared it is written that it works in the enketoo.
I will try in the kobo app.
Thank you again

And unfortunately, it is not also working by the App :pensive: