Automatically displaying unique ID number

Dear Experts,
I am not a programmer though I am preparing a XLSForm for data collection.
I caught in a trouble when developing the form. The problem I am facing is,
Automatic display of Household Identification Number in a box. For example,
Region Name: Barisal
District Name: Chandgaon
Cluster Name: Rahalia
Village Name: Pandgaon
Household Serial Number: 0012
Household Identification Number will be: 3 letter for Region Name-3 letter of District Name-3 letter of Cluster Name-3 letter of Village Name-Household Serial Number (will automatically display like: BAR-CHA-RAH-PAN-0012)
If anyone help to solve this issue to develop in XLSForm would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

S R Dhamai

Hi @Dhamai,

Welcome to the community! Please see the image below to create an automatic display of the household identification number (you will need to do this in the xlsform):

You will then see the household identification number in the output as follows:

You could also have a look at the support article on How to: Create Sequential, Unique Serial Numbers.

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Dear Kal_Lam,
It really works. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation.
One challenge observed, This might be my mistake not to mention.
While Household Serial Number will be exactly 4 digits, this would neither less nor more.

Thanks again for your support and cooperation.



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Could you please give me the xls copy of this document

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Hi @PALASH9698,

Please find the requested xlsform for the same.

Reference xlsform:
Unique ID (From Selected Variables).xls (34 KB)

Have a great day!

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just take care, This will NOT automatically control that this ID is unique allover your survey. A second enumerator could create the same for her/his form.
If you need an overall unique identifier you will find other threads in the community (… unique ID …)