Pull Data from a file updated daily

Hello how are you?

I have a problem in my project to read data from a csv file. In the form I use the pulldata function to obtain other associated data.

I update the file every day because I have data that is updated daily. Do I have to implement the form daily? or Do I only have to change the file and it woud work?

When I display the form after each file update, the pulldata function works fine. But when opening it in the web form, the pulldata function is not working for me. I see this since I have fields calculated from the data you retrieve from the csv file.

What could be the solution?

Welcome to the community, @MauricioTM! Following the steps outlined in the post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thank you very much for your answer!
Apologies for not being able to find the existing discussion thread.

The second set of steps was the one that solved my problem.
Thanks again!

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