Pull data from another existing project

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I need to establish a feedback mechanism in the field where this survey will take two steps to complete. In the first step, each survey will generate a unique id number along with all necessary information. After first step, data collector will follow up and solve the issue. When it is resolved or can’t resolve, the data collector will report this update of issue using another form. While filling up second form, I want to pull some basic data from the first survey like: name, gender, date of reporting, location, issue etc. by using pull data function. For your information, these two forms will be deployed as two different project. Is it possible to pull data from one existing project to another project later by using any specific unique id? Thanks in advance.

@tasfik_rukan, you could do this through the Dynamic Data Attachement feature as shared in our support article:

@tasfik_rukan, maybe the best thing would be is that you go through the XLSForm that has been shared in the article. Play around with the same and you could implement the same in yours.

Thanks for your support and my forms are working as exactly I needed. The only limitation with my two project is that, my data collectors can now pull data from parent project to child project as many times as they want. This is creating high chance of data duplication. I want my data collectors to be able to pull data from parent project to child project only once for each unique id upon successful submission of child project. Is there any way to do that? Thanks in advance.

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Great! We could also look into this to incorporate this feature.

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