Pull data from two csv file

I have 500000 entries. divided into two files like first file name is ‘a’ and has 250000 entries. then the second file name is ‘b’ have 250000 entries. I want to check the data on both files.
i want to pull data from both csv
its not working
here is my code

a.csv (32 Bytes)
b.csv (33 Bytes)

See syntax, please:
ODK XForms Specification.
You cannot use 2 file references together as parameters in the same function call.

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can you provide any solution how to resolve this problem

Two separate pulldata(…) calls. May be combinated in one calculation, e.g. with concatenate. Or as two calculate types and referenced both in the note.

Hint: Test your form during development and before deployment with the online validator., please.

See also your discussion in ODK forum Pull data from two csv file - #2 by mathieubossaert - Support - ODK Forum.

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