Pull data with link instead of csv

Hi, I would like to ask about pull data. I have been using it and it works fine with the csv format; however, apparently there is a way to do the virtual with a link. Could someone guide me with an example about it?

If you mean injecting the csv file through a link, when you make changes it will be updated automatically
I think this is not available

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Hi @juansaavedra29 I would ask where you are pulling the data from. In this response to your question, I will assume that you’re trying to pull data from another Kobo form that has already been filled. Sort of like a Case Management System.

I this case I will use two forms. Registration and Followups. Say you have registered your users in the registration form and some time you are going to be doing some follow-up on them and you want to avoid repeating the same demographic information again.

In this instance, in your Registration form, you can go to Settings => Connected projects, and in the Share data with other projects heading make sure to toggle Data sharing enabled

Next, go to your Follow-up form and under Settings => Connected projects under Import other project data select the project to import from and give it a unique name which you will use in the XLSForm for the pulldata()

For the rest of the steps you can try to watch this video https://youtu.be/H4SoWxpAlT0?si=F3fhjbTs5j0RLAAQ I am sure it will come in handy.

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Yes, I was referring to whether this option could be activated to automate the information virtually and not in a csv and upload it again.

Hi, I was referring to a pull data case with initially static information, but that could be updated rarely. However, what you mention to me is super useful because I was also trying to learn the linking of two forms where the information is being done dynamically. Thank you very much

Hey @juansaavedra29 for the CSV upload as far as I know that will require updating manually. But just on my wild thoughts, perhaps there could be a customly made solutions with some Developers of course and use the Kobo API to periodically update the CSV and schedule its refresh on that form through an API?

I have not done this before, but I could explore this and provide you with some feedback about it once I get enough time and share the script here as well for future reference.

I am glad the other topic on linking two forms was helpful.

@juansaavedra29, if you wish to use the media-url, you could use it for image like for this post discussed previously:

Dr Mohamed , thank you verey much, i will like to advateges of any thinks about any topics . can you ask me asifaveal question about the iuese. what can you help us or the NGOs ? what can you kind to give theNGOs? Can you acspect a new partener? if you acspected what di you to advantege ?

Thank you very much, I thought the link had another function, but I really appreciate the clarification regarding it.