Pull dynamic update data into Google Sheet

Hello, I tried to develop the longitudinal dynamic data follow by this instruction and example Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation

I input data in the main ParentSurveyRound1 form successfully and updated data into the particular unique ID via ChildSurveyRound2 form.

Now I try to view the data from the main form ParentSurveyRound1 into GoogleSheet using the “=IMPORTDATA” function from the ParentSurveyRound1 API URL address. But I can only see the data which I input into the ParentSurveyRound1 form only.

So how can I view the updated data which I input via ChildSurveyRound2 form into the same GoogleSheet?


@chenboly, have you tried to link it with the Excel Power Query to see if you can link it?

Hi @Kal_Lam

I did try follow by the instruction but still see only the parent project, which does not link to the child project.

The data is linked between the projects in KoBoToolbox, however both the child and parent forms are still separate kobotoolbox projects. Therefore, when you bring the project Datasets into power query, you will bring in the parent form as a separate data source and the child form as a separate data source.
Can you try to bring them in as separate data sources and let us know that it works?

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Hi @janna,

Yes, if I connect both API (Parent and Child) data sources, then both data will load into separate sheets in excel.


So it seems that the data is not in relationship with this link project.

Hi, the projects are linked in KoBoToolbox through your ‘id’ column, whatever you determine that to be, or however you set that up within your projects.

But correct, they remain as two separate projects/forms. So if you want to bring them into Power BI, you would bring them in as the separate datasets - but then find that ‘id’ column in both datasets (how the two tables are linked) - and join them up in Power BI through the data model - and then you’ll be able to see that the data is linked.

Hope this helps!

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