Pulldata in my form

Hello everyone and sorry for my English first. I have my simple form, I need when I enter the begin_repeat when entering the field dni read me my people.csv file which has 3 or 4 fields, dni, p_name, date_nac if the data exists add them to the fields of the form and then Be able to continue with it. How can I do this? I am new to this. Thanks for the help

aSt4QTgVn6EZBsQvmqSzoh.xls (53.5 KB)
personas.csv (91.1 KB)

Hi @ddiazsiempro,

Please see the community discussion on pull data that has happened in the past. It should provide you a clear idea of how it is used while building a survey form and hence should solve your issue:

For further reference you could also go through the support article on pull data.