Pulldata not function for kishgrid

Dear all,
I am having a problem with my pulldata function on kobocollect. This function work on my previous form but currently not working. Any clue and if possible can the administrator permit me to upload the files.

Hi @nmimr
Welcome to the community forum. Kindly try posting the form in the XLS version, the CSV file, and the failure message you are having. Which server are you working from?


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Hello Sir,
Attached is the file for your perusal.

Seroprevalence survey_V9.1.xlsx (31.6 KB)

data.csv (131 Bytes)

data.csv (131 Bytes) Seroprevalence survey_V9.1.xlsx (31.6 KB)

I am working on the kobocollect server.

Hi @nmimr
Can you show the error you are getting?

The randomization on the

Kindly walk me through what you actually intended to do. I need to understand your thinking process to assess your form.

Thanks, so I have a kishgrid that is suppose to select household respondent randomly using the data.csv as the reference file. Thus on the field, when enumerator select a household which is for example greater than 5, he will select hh5+, then the kishgrid will randomly select a member from the household.
hh_number indicates the total household size
random_number: generate Random number to be selected from the household size
kish_number: Kish number indicates the household member to be selected.
I hope this will give you insight, for now, when you select hh5, it is not able to pull the reference from the data.csv

The problem is not your pull data, the problem is your calculation int(9*random())+1 you need to test and see what results you get. Change the calculate question into integer and leave the calculation in place and see what results you get.

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Thanks will do that and revert.

Could you also have a look at the article on pull data, you seem to have named your columns wrongly in the function.



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Thanks Stephanealoo, but I have resolve it. the choice label should match what is in the pull-up data file.
Thanks for your clue.

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@nmimr, would you also be able to share your solution with the entire community? It should be helpful for those having similar issues.

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Dear Kal_Lam,

Could you share with the solution of this query, i need to insert the Kish grid on my survey
my email is laedryzola@gmail.com from DRC

Best regards, Laedry

Please find attached my file and the solution .Seroprevalence survey_KoboCollect.xlsx (31.6 KB)data.csv (131 Bytes)

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