Pulldata works on Enketo but not on KoBoCollect

Hi everybody,

I have developed a questionnaire using the pulldata functionality. Based on a unique household ID, I want to pull certain household information from an attached CSV file. I now have the same problem as described in this post: Pulldata is not working on KoboCollect (Android).

  • When using the Enketo web form , the relevant fields are automatically filled as expected when I enter the household ID.
  • When using the KoBoCollect app on an Android device, the questionnaire does not pull the data from the CSV based on the household ID. I can see, however, that the CSV is loaded in media folder on my tablet.

I have of course, carefully read the post referenced above but cannot find any specific advice on how to solve this issue. Based on the answer marked as the solution, I gather that the problem was due to an incorrect formatting of the CSV file, which is not attached to the post.

I have extracted the questions from my questionnaire and created a dummy household list, which has the same format as the CSV I am actually using. As a new user, I cannot yet upload attachments, but would be happy to share them via message.

Thanks in advance to whoever can help me this issue!

P.S: As I can now upload files, I am attaching the questionnaire and the CSV file to this post: pull_data_test.xlsx (9.4 KB) beneficiaires.csv (2.0 KB)

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Hi @dirk

I have found 2 issues in the form and the csv file:
1- csv file : values are separated by semicolon and it should be separated by coma. I’ve converted it for you: beneficiaires.csv (2.0 KB)
2- Form: in the form the type of the first question is “integer” and the pulldata function read the csv file as text so you have to convert the value of the first question to text. I’ve added a formula to do that: pull_data_test - Copy.xlsx (11.3 KB)
Let me know the result.


Hi @dirk,

Welcome to the community! In addition to what @Ysr3322 has advised, kindly please be informed that you are currently unable to collect data in the Collect android app for the question that has pulldata function as you are using a csv file format that is not supported by KoBoToolbox (for the Collect android app) at the moment. For details, kindly please have a look at the formats:

You are using a csv format that is not supported which is as shown in the image below:

Note: Here the variables are separated by a semicolon (;). Kindly please be informed that this at the moment is not supported by KoBoToolbox for the Collect android app though it seems to be working for Enketo.

The csv format that is supported by KoBoToolbox for both Enketo and Collect android app at the moment is as shown in the image below:

Note: In this format the variables are not seperated by semicolon (;), instead it is separated by different columns.

Reference csv file:
beneficiaires.csv (2.0 KB)

Note: Use the attached csv file and it should work smoothly for both Enketo and Collect android app.

Have a great day!

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Hi @dirk
As mentioned by both @Kal_Lam and @Ysr3322 the issue is with the file. I would, however, like to give a background on what causes this. The issue is caused by how MS Office can create a file. Normally CSV means Comma Separated Values. The comma is used as the delimiter in this case. However, the document created with semicolon delimiters does not fit the definition of CSV. So the collect based android system will not translate it the same way.



I just wanted to share my experience on this issue.
I had the same problem then @dirk, and what I figured out is when I converted my Excel file into “CSV UTF-8 (with coma)” on my french computer with a french microsoft excel it didn’t convert the file into a “CSV with coma” but in a “semicolon” file, even though I selected “coma”. To be sure that the issue comes from my french computer, I asked my American friend to convert the file on her computer, and it worked.



Welcome to the community @YsWagn! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience which should help a lot of community users with similar issues. :clap: Expecting the same in the upcoming days! :star_struck: