Qualitative data

Hello, is it possible to use kobo for FGDs and Key Informant Interviews?

Hi @atibun,

KoBoToolbox is extremely good in collecting quantitative data form the field. Currently, it is capable of collecting more than 20 different forms of questions. This number is gradually increasing with the increase of demand (and needs) shown by researchers, research firms and various organizations.

Having said this, KoBoToolbox is also able to collect qualitative data as it has options of collecting audio data (interviews can be audio recorded), video data (interviews can be video recorded) and text data (where researchers are able to type the response). Hence it depends on the researcher on how to best use KoBoToolbox with qualitative data collection.

Please keep in mind that the humanitarian version of the KoBoToolbox can store an unlimited amount of data in its server while the non-humanitarian version of the same can store a total of 5GB of data in its server (per user account). Hence i would say using KoBoToolbox for FGDs and KII’s solely depends upon the researcher.

Thank you for the responses

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