Question label in the formbuilder is missing

some of the data have been shown like this. i have uploaded all the questions. some error has happened. i would like to retrieve the questions. Is there any chance?how can i upload the single file for language translations (ex:state, district and village). i could upload the english version using cascade file options. is it same available?

@shinucdo, could you brief on how this happened? Please try to provide as much details as possible so that we could replicate it and track down the issue.

I have uploaded the questions in English. The kannada version of the same has to be uploaded .My colleague tried to change the language version to kannada. something happened after adding the kannada language . He is unable to identify what has happened. All the questions and options are missing now. is there any chance to get it back.

You could have followed these support articles to add additional language to your project:

Did he ever deploy the survey project?

the tool has not deployed… it was in draft .we were designing

If this is the case, would you mind reviewing this post discussed previously (it should solve your issue):