Question with differing choices in a repeating group

We have a survey where we have a bunch of questions inside of a repeating group. Namely, the survey respondents need to select one or more products (Banana, cocoa, coffee, cereals, etc) and the subsequent group of questions repeats depending on the number of products they have selected. I.e. if someone selected just banana, the group would repeat 1x and use ${ } to give a text hint they were replying about banana. If someone selected banana and cocoa, the group would repeat 2x and the first time use ${} to indicate banana, and ${} to indicate cocoa. And so on.

Our survey collaborator now wants to change one of the questions inside of the repeating group so that the options differ depending on the product selected. i.e. if someone selects banana and cocoa, the first run-through, it would be that a particular question in the group has choices A, B, C. The second run through for cocoa, it would be that that same question in the question has choices X, Y, C.

Is this possible? My understanding is that repeating groups have to have the same question/choices on each repeat, although maybe I am missing something and there is a way to do this with skip logic or choice filters?


Hello @jhastings,

It is totally possible to use skip logic in the repeating groups.

You need to set your questions and choices for the repeated group and add relevant skip logics for the choices.

Based on the way you ask the question, I think you are familiar with the terms.
If not, I can happily provide additional information.

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Can you specify exactly how skip logic would be applied then in this circumstance?

I tried to do it, i.e. have one set of choices (A, B, C) appear for when someone selects “Banana” and another set of choices appear (X, Y, Z) when someone selects “Cocoa” for example.

What seems to happen is that it works fine when a respondent just selects “Banana” (ABC appears) OR “Cocoa” (XYZ appears) in the previous question that leads to the repeating group. However, when someone selects “Banana” AND “cocoa”, then (A, B, C, X, Y, Z) appear on EACH of the 2 cycles of the repeating group, instead of what I actually want, which is

  1. On the first cycle for “Banana”, ABC choices appear
  2. On the second cycle for “Cocoa”, XYZ choices appear

Hope this clarifies

Hmm, you are right, I was thinking about cascading select question, but it doesn’t work with select_many too.

I’m thinking about a workaround.

  • Does it have to be in the same repeat cycle? Because I’m not sure if we can create repeat for different questions.

How about creating different questions with different choices?
For instance: Question_Banana with A,B,C choices with relevant column to selected(${product}, 'banana')
Question_Cocoa with X,Y,Z choices with relevant column to selected(${product}, 'cocoa')
and so on…

But I’m not sure if this workaround works with repeat group

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Hello @jhastings,
If you could share the related part of your form, please, support would be easier.
Are you talking about

  • different questions: use skip by relevant
    or about
  • different choice options for the same - questions: use choice_filter.
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You can see here some extracted lines in the xls form that should indicate what I am talking about.

You can see before the repeating group begins, they need to select the products relevant. The group then repeats 1x for each product selected.

I have highlighted the repeating group start/end in green and the questions relevant in yellow.

What I want is not really to filter the choices (as the choices are Not very serious at all to Very Serious) but filter the questions (in yellow highlighting) in the list, so that on the repeating group run-through for “Banana”, only some of the questions (in yellow highlighting) in the list would appear, and on the run through for “cocoa”, only some of the questions (in yellow highlighting) in the list would appear, etc.

So far when I use skip logic (lets say, for appearing when they select “Banana” or “Cocoa”) it makes it so if they select “Banana” and “Cocoa”, both the banana and cocoa questions appear for both iterations instead of “Banana” for the first iteration and “cocoa” for the second.

Example JHastings Survey.xlsx (14.0 KB)

Thanks for sharing this i was having trouble and still finding the solution can you explain me in detail.