Randomize answers AND audios

Hello, we have a survey with both written and audio questions and answers. It was working fine until we randomized the answers to the multiple choice questions and now the audio answers are not showing up (see example: the audio version of the question is there but the audio answers are not). Please let me know if this is fixable.

We are able to see both your audio question as well as your select_one choices for the question. Is it something you are trying to explain?

The answers should have audios with them as well. This was working before we selected the option to randomize the answers but since we randomized the audios associated with the answers have disappeared.

Seems like you are checking the same with Enketo. Would you mind checking them with Collect android app and see if it’s there?

On the app all audios are missing, actually. It says “filename - media is missing” for every single audio.

@sariheid, could you check if all the media is there in your SETTINGS>Media?

Yes! They are there.

Would you mind sharing with us the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at it:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@sariheid, when looking at your xlsform i did not see the media in the response:

Would you mind providing it again and see what happens?

It was there when I uploaded it…

You’re also seeing another one of the issues which is that for some reason when I re-upload the XLS it adds an additional language, which was not there to begin with.

We have now switched the questions back to un-randomized because we need to get the survey out but if there is a solution to get them randomized and working, let me know!

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@sariheid, you are seeing an additional language because you have two different languages in your survey project. Note, you will have to name the image in both of these media::audio columns as discussed in our previous post:

This should solve your issue.