Rating data missing

I couldn’t find the recorded data under rating question types either on kobo table or exported XLS file even though the data is submitted successfully. All the questions are mandatory.

is there any way I can get those data? what’s the solution?


Welcome to the community @medi_ashenafi,

Can you provide a screenshot of your rating question? And the answers related to that question?

Let’s see if I can help you.


HI @hakan_cetinkaya, here is the screen shot of the rating question


here is the blank response


@hakan_cetinkaya ,
here is also what the exported data looks like.

Hi @medi_ashenafi,

Did you make modifications to your form after people start submitting?

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@hakan_cetinkaya , No i didn’t

@medi_ashenafi which editor are you using to edit your form? Are you using KoBo’s internal editor or are you using an XLS editor (excel for example)?

Also can you go to the Data > Downloads and open advanced options and provide a screenshot from there aswell?

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I Used KoBo’s enteral editor

  • The Include data from all 10 versions option shows that there are at least 9 modifications made to this form after it published. Do you know if the questions were in each version and they were all mandatory in each version?

Also can you provide a screenshot of the rating question in the form builder?

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@hakan_cetinkaya , i tried entering data and it popped this window when submitting the data and it took me to a new form when I press the 'load record ’ . does it affect the recorded data?

Hi @medi_ashenafi,

This screen shows up if you start filling a form and did not submit it yet, it autosaves the form to the cache of your browser. Not to the actual server.

So if you are seeing this pop-up it means the data in the latest form is not submitted to the server.

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@hakan_cetinkaya, I will check whether the all the questions are in each version and also check if all the rating questions are mandatory.

screenshot of the rating question

@hakan_cetinkaya, check out the version history, I deployed the last version.


To check if the questions are actually answered, can you click on the button which looks like an eye (open button, just left to the icon looks like a pencil.) in here and see if the respondants actually gave any answers to your rating questions?

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@hakan_cetinkaya , NO, it doesn’t show any response to those parts of the question. I wonder why though.

@medi_ashenafi, I think, most likely the rating questions were not mandatory in the previous versions.

Can you provide us with details after checking that?

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@medi_ashenafi, could you also download your data in XLS (legacy) format to see if you can see the missing data there? Kindly please let us know what happens.

@Kal_Lam, Now I can see the responses under the rating question, Thank you for the help.

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@medi_ashenafi, are you able to in both the formats (XLS and XLS (legacy)?

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@Kal_Lam, only on the XLS (legacy)