Recalling values from previous questions

I am doing a module called dietary diversity in which I will be recording the food items (dish) and each ingredients in the dish consumed by the household members. my requirement is that I want the form to be in this format.
Eg. I want to record the chicken curry (name of the dish) and ingredients used in making the chicken curry. let the ingredients be oil, chicken, onion. during the first repeat I will put chicken curry in name of the dish and chicken in ingredients field, during the second repeat I want the same chicken curry to be displayed in name of the dish and then I will put onions in ingredients and like wise. i.e., I will enter the name of the dish once and for 2nd repeat I want the same name of the dish to be displayed.

Thank you

please find the xls form of dietary diversity here
a4DdespqCX8W5D9d3pgRop (3).xlsx (10.9 KB)

Don’t know if i understood you much but please correct me if i am wrong.

Q1. Enter the name of the curry? (Select multiple)
Curry 1
Curry 2
Curry 3
Curry 10

Q2. What are the ingredients of the curry?
Ingredient 1
Ingredient 2
Ingredient 3
Ingredient 10

So basically Q2 (the ingredients) should repeat for all those that have been selected for Q1.

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Please find attached the word file below. I want to create form in that format.

As you can see in afternoon I have entered the food items and also in late afternoon the same food items are repeated. So I want to design the form in such a way that when I enter data for late afternoon, I should be able to select the previous dishes and the follow up questions should skip (dish source, ingredient, ingredient source) and go directly to members include.

Thank you. Hope I could explain better.

Looking at your sample i would suggest you to use the matrix question type as outlined in the support article Question Matrix Response Type. Maybe you could also add a skip logic to your matrix question by following the post as outlined in the post discussed previously: