Referencing Variables between repeats - text and calculate type work different

Dear KoBo experts,
we were surprised that the last reference is not working as expected, when we use text tye instead of calculate type. See example attached. Is this ok? How to explain?

xx HHRepeat Problem 93 Simple.xlsx (15.3 KB)

(The behaviour doesn’t change if we wrap the 2 repeats into 2 groups. See 2nd example attched.)
xx HHRepeat Problem 93 Grouped.xlsx (15.4 KB)

Kind regards

Hi @wroos

Can you provide more detail on what is not working and the behavior you’re expecting?

Dear Mike,
you can see the different behavior in the attached example when you switch the test filter (= 1 or = 2) and enter more than 1 person in the first repeat.
The LAST entered person name from the first repeat is empty in the second referencing repeat in the text type (but ok if we use calculate). It’s the … ${Name__REF02} …
Only, after you add a next person, the second shows up in the reference. We are working with KoBoCollect (on Android smartphones), based on XLSForm and with first testing online (Enketo).
It seems as if calculation and ${…} text reference work with different trigger/execution time.
Kind regards