Refuse and remove previsously shared form

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

When somebody share you a survey you can not refuse the rights. Also, you can not revoke these rights later.

I am using KOBO Humanitarian response & ODK Collect v1.22.4.

You should be able to revoke/refuse one’s rights to a survey that has been sent by another Kobo user once we no longer need it.
This feature could be very simple as have in “More Options” the option “delete” as for our own projects.

This could be very usefull when you want to clean your KOBO Account. As example I would like to clean this one: (which have a lot of surveys).
But I can not as I have many shared projects…

This option will permit users to have a KOBO home page clearer but also on ODK Collect to avoid to look after the survey we want among several others.

I think other users are looking forward to have this option:

Thanks to note this

Hi @chloelaborde

Thanks for this suggestion! This is something that has actually come up recently within our internal discussions. It’s a good idea and a feature that should exist.

In addition to being able to “unshare” projects shared with you, would you also prefer there to be an initial notification when an owner of a form shares a project with you to decide to accept or not?


Hi @mike.destaubin,

Very happy to hear about you and to know that you thought about this feature. Thank you very much for answers! :slight_smile:

Yes, I think both could be very usefull. An initial notification to be aware of the sharing and to decide what to do would be a relevant item.

Looking forward for this improvement,
& thanks again

Chloé :smiley:

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