Release Notes - November 30, 2018



The deployment on November 30, 2018 included the following updates and bug fixes on and

New and Improved Features :

  • The webpack will work with kobo-install when it doesn’t run from the host OS

  • Multiple users may have forms with the same id_string

  • Users to be able choose which fields they want to send to remote endpoints

  • Add validation status to exports

  • Django can create urls based on proxy hostname and port

  • Update React and devDependencies to latest versions

  • Can click on entire asset row, instead of just the text

  • Warnings to be shown when closing translation table without saving changes.

  • Better performing asset search, less backend requests used

  • Upgrade to pyxform 0.11.5

  • webpack-cli upgraded to latest version

  • Less areas to edit the name of the form to avoid confusion

  • Permission lists are now sorted alphabetically

  • Default_language is first to appear in form, if any

  • Display HXL tags option in table header

  • All modal close buttons are now always visible when scrolling down.

  • Display more than single letter for matrix in reports

  • Long table column names are now viewable

  • Allow replacing project with a template

  • Better error message for import failure

  • Save Form Builder aside panel state in browser memory, so it stays open when editing different forms

  • Improved Tooltip functionality

  • Improved icon SVGs

  • New PR and Issue template

  • Require users to click "New Export"

  • Improve submission count efficiency

  • Update base image on every Fabric build

  • Support for new ‘file’ type question

  • Support for new ‘range’ type question

  • Warnings on languages that don’t have a valid IANA subtag

  • Support for randomizing order of items in select_one and select_multiple questions

  • Max-pixels attribute for images

  • Add additional guidance hints

  • Support OpenStreetMap tags

REST Services (more description to come soon)

  • Pull Requests #2027, #2026, #2016, #2025, #2023, #2015, #1864, #2008

Bug Fixes

Fixes for the following bugs are included in this release:

  • Removing a multi response option and redeploying deletes data and shifts rows.

  • Remove Fabric configuration

  • API returning duplicates of same assets

  • When previewing a specific form, preview fails to load (argument of type 'int' is not iterable).

  • Unable to preview a form in the formbuilder before saving after changes are made.

  • Forms crashed when removing a select_one question

  • Allow closing Translations table with no changes.

  • Sometimes ‘More Actions’ popover opens outside the visible area

  • Changing the projects settings requires the form to be redeployed, even though the form does not change.

  • Repeated groups inside of groups not being displayed in submission detail view page

  • Sharing Permission modal is sometimes clipped at the bottom of the screen

  • Clicking on table settings button collapses full screen view

  • Not able to close tags normally

  • Nested groups submissions not showing up in submission modal

  • Fix broken Add Question to Library button

  • Fix issue with kuids displaying in matrix in form builder

  • Unable to create group while building new form

  • Images collected after 11/21/18 cannot be found through hyperlink

  • Media file access very slow when user has large number of attachments

  • Do not lock any rows until attachments are saved

  • ZIP exports to S3 are corrupt

Randomize list of select_one and select_multiple questions