Release Notes - version 2.019.39 (KoBoCAT only)

We’ve completed today (September 25, 2019) a minor bug-fix release of only KoBoCAT, a.k.a. “Projects (Legacy)”. It includes no new user features but does effect one important change to Legacy Rest Services. This release, 2.019.39, applies to both and

Legacy Rest Services

All “Legacy Rest Services” have been migrated to the newer “REST Services” user interface:
Advantages of this newer REST Services facility include:

  • Automatically retrying requests if the remote server is unreachable or does not indicate success in its response;
  • Notifying the form owner via email of problems;
  • Support for basic authentication over HTTPS and arbitrary HTTP headers;
  • Ability to send responses from a subset of questions instead of all questions;
  • A log of all requests made to the external server, including any error messages, accessible by clicking the (?) icon next to the number in the count column.

Bug Fixes

  • Disables addition of new Legacy Rest Services, with explanatory message (PRs 574, 576)
  • Hides the internal “KPI Hook POST” from the Legacy Rest Services list to prevent confusion (PR 575)
  • Fixes a programming mistake that would’ve caused a HTTP 500 to be returned instead of a HTTP 405 when someone attempts to submit to an inactive form (PR 573)
  • Changes the task that cleans up stuck exports to run every 6 hours again, instead of every minute (PR 570)

Thank you to @Sarah_Mac and @Karem for reporting issues related to REST Services that have now been resolved.

Thanks to you all for using KoBoToolbox!