REST service not working since Friday the 23th


I just noticed that the REST service is not working for me since Friday. I use JSON POST service to catch the submissions. Last POST was on Friday 2019-08-23 01:08:42.
Are there some changes since then or maybe some limitations in number of POSTS that I am not aware of?
Legacy JSON POST is still working, so I’ve added the same hooks there

Can anybody confirm?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sarah
Could you provide more information incase you are still experiencing the issue


It working again. Don’t know what happened.


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Hi Sarah and Stephane,

Our hooks were not working either and it began on the 19th of August.
The hook we used was changed into a /assets link although when we added it around April, it was the full hook link.

I had to re-add it using the Legacy Interface.
Here is a picture of what this looks like (I hid the re-newed hook, but it was the same link).

My problem was solved by re-adding the hook using the Legacy Interface, but I’m not sure why it happened in the first place.



Hi Karem,

I concur that it is pretty strange for all the hooks in my account to stop working at the same time for all the forms . There is probably some logical explanation, but Legacy REST Service is working for me,


I’m sorry to hear that REST services stopped working reliably. I’d like to revisit this conversation because we will soon remove support for Legacy Rest Services, and I want to make sure the new KPI REST Services interface is working for everyone beforehand. To clarify, we plan to remove:

…in favor of:

We’ll migrate everyone’s Legacy Rest Services automatically to the new interface, where they’ll gain new features like automatic retries, logging, and email notifications to the form owner in case of failure.

@Sarah_Mac, were you using Legacy Rest Services all along, or had you initially used the newer REST Services interface before the problem on August 23? If you identified a problem with the new feature and had to revert to the old system, I want to make sure we fix the issue before discontinuing Legacy Rest Services.

@Karem, the /assets/ URL you’re seeing is used internally by KPI. When you add a REST Service through the new KPI interface (pictured above), this “KPI Hook POST” service is automatically added to KoBoCAT. In a future release, this will be hidden to avoid confusion. No Legacy Rest Service should ever have been changed from any URL you configured to /assets/…; rather, the /assets/… URL is always added as an additional service.

The new KPI REST Services feature dates back to late 2018, but your post prompted me to realize that our documentation hasn’t caught up yet. We’ll be publishing a new support article soon.

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Hi jnm

I used “REST Services/Register new service” link to create REST service

for all my forms.
At some point (23 August) it stopped working for me and then I recreated it using the Legacy REST Service interface.

Let me know if it’s clear

Cheers and thanks for looking onto it


Thanks! It’s not what I want to hear, but it’s what I need to know :sweat_smile:
I’ll send you a private message momentarily to confirm your account details.

Update: thanks to your report we’ve traced this back to an error during the deployment on—you guessed it—August 23, 2019. The problem has now been resolved, but please post again if you have any more trouble. As part of that work, all Legacy Rest Services have now been migrated to the newer REST Services facility, and we’ve done a small release to disable the legacy interface as well as hide the internally-used “KPI Hook POST” to avoid confusion. More details are available at Release Notes - version 2.019.39 (KoBoCAT only).


Great! Thanks!


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