Release Notes - version 2.024.05

Hello everyone,

We have deployed a new release to the Global server as of 17:00 UTC on 26 February 2024 and to the EU server as of 08:00 UTC on 27 February 2024.

This release consists of:

  • KPI version 2.024.05
  • KoboCAT version 2.024.05
  • Pyxform version 1.9.0, unchanged from the previous release
  • Enketo Express version 6.2.2, unchanged from the previous release.

New features

Qualitative analysis feature
Users can now analyze audio files and their transcripts using simple qualitative methods by creating additional follow-up questions for them (tags, select one, select multiple, number, notes, etc.).
Learn more about the feature here.

Add a display settings modal to the qualitative question single processing view
This allows users to reorganize the display (audio file, submission data, translations, transcriptions) in the single processing view. Users can now:

  • turn on or off the display of specific transcripts or translations
  • display multiple translations at once

Fixes and improvements

PR Description
kpi#4832 Handle submission XML with namespace or encoding declaration
kpi#4808 Change font and styling of response text in submission record
kpi#4853 Fix “Could not find file.ext” error with repeated groups
This PR fixes a bug that prevented media attachments from loading properly in nested and repeated groups of questions

Of interest to developers

PR Description
kpi#4829 Consolidate common deployment backend code
kpi#4826 Remove unused django-mptt