Release Notes - version 2.024.12

Hello everyone,

We have deployed a new release to both Global and EU servers as of 14:30 UTC on 7 May 2024.

This release consists of:

  • KPI version 2.024.12
  • KoboCAT version 2.024.12
  • Pyxform version 1.9.0, unchanged from the previous release
  • Enketo Express version 6.2.2, unchanged from the previous release

SSO Change: SSO providers that are registered with OIDC have moved from /accounts/<provider>/login/ to /accounts/oidc/<provider>/login/.

Any OIDC SSO providers that are currently set up will need their redirect URI changed in the Provider to the new URL - /accounts/oidc/<provider>/login/.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

PR Description
kpi#4833 1. Fix bulk update validation status for filtered data and improve some Data Table filters
2. Bulk updating validation status is now correctly targeting submissions that were selected in Data Table with filtering included.
3. Enabled filtering for more columns in Data Table: range, rank, score, select_multiple_from_file and select_one_from_file.
4. Changed the bahaviour of filtering for decimal, integer, range, rank, score, select_one, and select_one_from_file questions - now the filter value will match exactly the response.
kpi#4873 Display a time estimate and spinner once a user starts an automatic transcription
kpi#4881 Fixes incorrect button styles in form modals.
kpi#4887 Fix hover color few button variations
kpi#4895 Prevent MFA token input fields from being autocompleted.
kpi#4903 Fix an issue where ‘select multiple’ responses wouldn’t show up in the data table when displaying XML values.
kpi#4904 Any transcript or translation text written in Right-to-left script will be displayed correctly.
kpi#4910 Show labels instead of XML for select one/multiple questions with multiple translations when viewing a report

Of Interest to Developers

PR Description
kpi#4901 Add a regular asset snapshot cleanup maintenance task
kpi#4886 Create a new perform_maintenance task that will include maintenance tasks that need to be run daily.
kpi#4874 Update Django from 3.2 LTS to 4.2 LTS
kpi#4890 Upgrade django-allauth to 0.61.1
Fix unstyled SSO templates
Fix a broken link in Account Settings to connect an OIDC provider
SSO providers that are registered with OIDC have moved from /accounts/<provider>/login/ to /accounts/oidc/<provider>/login/.`.
kpi#4885 Remove kobocat domain from kpi asset deployment data. This allows the domain of the kobocat server to change without breaking any linking.
The solution avoids saving the domain on any new data. It also normalizes (strips the domain) existing data.


PR Description
kobocat#922 Update Kobocat from Django 3.2 LTS to 4.2 LTS


No changes

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A new patch release 2.024.12a is available and has been deployed to our production servers at 18:30 UTC on Tuesday, 7 May 2024:

It removes duplicated “Forgot your password” link on the login page (kpi#4931).

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Hello, we have now released 2.024.12b to both and This fixes a problem where filtering by _id in the table view of submissions failed to return results.

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