Release Planning for KoBoCollect and Enketo

What is the KoBo update roadmap, please, for the next months?

  • Next release(s) for KoBoCollect
  • Next release(s) for Enketo.

Is there a link to a roadmap document?

Where can information be found about the changes / fixes / new features planned for the next release?

Hi @wroos,
Enketo’s roadmap can be found at We aim not to fall too far behind the latest release of Enketo and update regularly.

getODK’s roadmap can be found at KoBo Collect is a custom fork of that app that is currently updated ever few months based on major releases. The next one is expected in the coming weeks based on v1.29 for which we worked with the core ODK team to add native recording functionality.


Hello @tinok,
Would be great to have public KoBo Collect roadmaps too. (Might help the community for planning of own surveys, as updates may bring some surprises and bugfixes.)
Kind regards