Remember Last Saved Value

I am building a survey tool where I need to collect city and town of each respondent. Some respondents are from the same city so every time I have to enter the city and town field with the same values. Is there a way to remember the last value saved in KoboToolBox? Thank you

could you provide more details, please. Is this in different cases (form instances) or in a repeat in the same form. Do you use Enketo or KoBoCollect?

Hello Wroos,

This is in different form instances. After clicking the submit button at the end of the form, the form should refresh for next entry and also maintaining the State,County, LOA, Organization values from the previous entry instance. Therefore, the enumerator should not keep repeating the same values for each new entry/instance.

I am using Enketo.


I am not sure in Kobocollect but your case functions well using ODK collect by writing ${last-saved#state} under coulumn deafault in xlsx form

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