Reminder about sharing personal and sensitive information on the community forum

To our KoBo Community,

We would like to kindly remind everyone that you should never publicly share personal and sensitive information on the forum, such as account passwords or personally identifiable data. If sensitive information is needed by a support specialist or a trusted user to help resolve an issue, please only share through a private message. Please never post your account passwords, not even in a private message.

If you want community support for help with analyzing or visualizing your data please remove anything from the dataset that could contain sensitive information first, or replace it with dummy data.

We’ve created this topic and added some more language to the “About the User Support Category” and forum Guidelines to hopefully prevent users from making this mistake.

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions in regards to this, please feel free to respond here in this topic.



Just a reminder for everyone that a lot of data can potentially be sensitive if used in the wrong way by the wrong people. Here’s the working definition by OCHA and the Centre for Humanitarian Data:

Data is considered sensitive based on the likelihood and severity of potential harm that
may materialize as a result of its exposure in a given context. For example, the locations
of medical facilities may be considered highly sensitive in an active conflict situation,
whereas they should be actively and publicly shared in a typical natural disaster
Some types of data are categorically considered sensitive. These include:
• Personal data (e.g. name, phone number, national identity number, date of birth
• Disaggregated (household-level) assessment data
• Unprocessed Individual survey results (microdata)


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