How do i send a private message to a user in the community forum?

Hello there,

How do I send a private message?

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Hi @Lavinia,

You could send a private message to a user in the community forum as follows:

Step 1: Select the Reply button as boxed in red below.
Image 1

Step 2: Select the Reply button once again, but now from this place as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Now select New Message as shown in the image below.
Image 3

Have a great day!

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I’m having same issue. Comes up with “cannot send a personal message to that user”

@rhama111, you should now be able to send a private message. If you still have issues, please refresh your page.

Thank you!

@Ansam, it is strongly recommended to NOT share your username and password in a public forum.


I try to send it as private but not it’s not working.Could you please let me know how to send it as private

Hi @Ansam,

Just click on the username you want to send message to, then on the right you’ll see a message button. Click on it. You’ll send a message.

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Thank you so much Hakan. I have sent the private message and still wait for any solution

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Hello @Ansam, @Lavinia,
Just a hint, please: You may always try the seach function of this forum, e.g. Search results for 'how do i send a private message' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.
(This question has been answered about 50 times in this community already.)

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