Repeat Group Update in the Form


We added repeat group in one of the forms based on response to previous question (integer). The update is reflecting in the Preview mode. However, it is not reflecting in the app post the form is redeployed.

Could you please help in understanding possible reasons and solutions?


Can you share the related part of your XLSForm, please?
Which server do you use?
Do you use Enketo (Web form) or Collect?

Hint: A new version will only be applied for new cases (initial open/load), not for saved ones.

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Please find attached related part form XLSForm for your reference.

Repeat group function is working for all scenario, except where total number of staff is 0. It should skip if the number of staff is 0. It is correctly happening in preview, but not in Collect App.
aS6tMVWgfF2SWgeFHGVgrq (1).xlsx (10.8 KB)


You can add a relevant to the begin repeat (or pack it in a group with relevant).
And you can put all questions inside the repeat in a group and add a relevant clause … > 0 there (begin group). The group might have no label.

Hint: See restriction for field-list: Make KoBoCollect ignore "field-list" in repeat-group - #5 by wroos.

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