Repeat group with cascading select

I am trying to build a form in which someone should be able to report various activities that are within a bigger category and have the chance of adding more activities from different categories while at the same time getting some hints to guide him/her through. For example, if you have 3 main types of food with 5 categories, and within each category, you have 7 types of foods. Now I would like the respondent to say I bought Type 1, then within Type 1, pick only 1 category and provide the types of food. After they finish, they should have a chance of adding another category. Anyone with an example on how this can be possible I will appreciate.

Thank you.

@sector, could you kindly share a sample of dummy questions and choices with the community so that the community can understand your issue pictorially and help you?

Hi @sector,
So far I understand from your question, this can be simply done if you include all your questions in the “Repeat Group”. And during data entry you can enter the data from cascade selection for each of the main types, category and food items as well as rest of the responses. Form example:

Thank you, @Kal_Lam, for your quick response and apologies from my end for replying late, I was travelling and out of network. Just to clarify my issue, I have a tool that is meant to be used for monthly activity reporting, but I would like to allow multiple activity reports per pillar

. So far, what I have managed to do is allow one more pillar to be added

, but subsequent ones are not possible

. Also, the description for each activity in the second pillar is incorrect

. I have attached a sample of the form
Sample form.xlsx (164.2 KB)
for in-depth review and support. Thank you.

Hi, any support on this would be appreciated.