Repeats Taking Long Time to Load


I have a a form in which I’m asking information about a household and each one of the members of said household, so I have repeats in each one of the chapters that need to be answered for each one of the members of the household. The repeat count is defined by a question asking for the number of people that share the house.

The issue with it is that the form freezes for some time after the question that set the repeat count is answered, Even by 30 minutes when the repeat number is large (families of 10 - 15 people in the same house).

Is there anything that I’m plainly doing wrong, or that I could improve in it, in order to improve this loading time?

Thanks for taking time to answer this. I really appreciate any clues on how to proceed.

PS. As a new user on the community, I seem to be unable to upload my form, so I’m linking it through GDocs.

Hi @szuluaga

In regards to your issue uploading xls files directly to the topic, did you try clicking the Upload button? That should work.

Hello @mike.destaubin

Yes, that’s exactly where I tried to upload the file, and where I got the message that I couldn’t upload files due to my account being new.

@szuluaga I just upgraded your account to regular member, let me know if that solves the issue.

Thank you, @mike.destaubin That did the trick regarding the upload of files.

Do you happen to have any suggestion on the other issue? Any help would be dearly appreciated.

Repeats Form XLS.xls (189 KB)

Has this issue ever been resolved?

I am having similar issues. The repeat group function works fine on my devices, but we have had repeated alerts from enumerators in the field that the form takes a long time - sometimes several minutes - to load the questions in the repeat group. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Hi @marfur,

Welcome to the community! Could you share your xlsform with the community so that we could check it out and let you know accordingly why the issue is prevailing at your end. Generally the repeat group question should not take that long to load.

Alternatively, i would also suggest you to validate your xlsform at


Dear @szuluaga,
I am sorry,I cannot contribute to the time question.
But I looked at your XLSForm and wonder a bit why you use several repeat groups, instead of going along with one person in sequence. Of course, a disadvantage is that the topic order is not so clear, but I think there are several advantages, e.g. less work to join the person records later for analysis and there is no (easy) way to navigate to a person with KoBo, so it will be difficult esp. if you do individual interviews with your topic grouping… With your structuring you might also have more difficulties if a person is deleted later (e.g. at position 3 of 10 persons), for example because it’s not a usual household member, All part-records will mix up and join wrong persons. You will have the same problem if a record of a part repeat is deleted (by an enumerator).

Would appreciate to hear about your reasons, please of your structuring.
Kind regards

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Hi Kal_Lam,
Thanks for your reply and apologies for the delayed response. It worked fine on KoBo but on opendatakit I kept getting an error message, which is now fixed (Error: There does not seem to be a allow_choice_duplicates column header defined in your settings sheet. You must have set allow_choice_duplicates setting in your settings sheet to have duplicate choice list names in your choices sheet).

I attach a shortened version that only contains the loop. The full survey is quite long (485 lines on the survey sheet, 450 on choices).
As mentioned, everything works fine on my devices, but enumerators in the field report that it is very slow in loading this part of the questionnaire.
Thanks for looking into it!
Delivery_Kenya_forKoBo.xlsx (20.2 KB)