Replace automatically existing value in CSV file after entering a new value

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Is it possible after selection of a certain parameter (for example with the pulldata function) to replace the belonging existing value in the CSV file automatically after entering the new value? In that way, you don’t have to change the value in the CSV file yourself later on and is the parameter up to date. I tried that myself, but it didn’t work.

I hope that it is possible. Thanks for the assistance!

Do you mean you wish to update the CSV file automatically?

Dear Kal,

Thanks for the help and the quick reply!

Yes, I wish to update the CSV file automatically. Is that possible?

I am afraid not. But you will not need to use the CSV file if you use the Dynamic Data Attachment feature which will be publicly available very soon.

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In other words, when Dynamic Data Attachment is released, then it is possible to automatically update your file. Nice feature! Do we get a notice when this is released?

Thanks for the information!

Maybe you should be able to follow the same through this announcement post:

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Thanks for the information. I think that the following is talking about this new feature:

"Early July:

  • Dynamic linking of project data"?

Thanks in advance

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