Replacing Form with submissions

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are doing well. Kindly note that. we have deployed a form under the project legacy and the form link was shared with end-users and there were minor typo mistakes in the choices labels. However, we need to update the form but there is already submissions, unfortunately. Is there any way to update the form with submissions or delete the form and upload the updated one with the same previous link which already shared?


Hi @yemendtm,

Welcome to the community! Seems like you have used the project legacy (KoBoCAT) to upload the xlsform. The drawback of KoBoCAT is that you do not have the option to redeploy your survey forms by making changes (as required) in your existing deployed forms.

This limitations has been overcome with the KPI. Here you can build your forms, upload survey forms through xlsform, view charts, graphs and tables, export data, share projects, build a question library, etc. Using the same you can also redeploy your existing survey forms making necessary changes as required.

Many thanks for your kind response and this is really good information to know about Kobo and It will be considered in the future. I was trying to have a solution for the current published form,

Hi @yemendtm,

My solution for your current issue would be as follows:

  • Close the survey (data collection at whatever point it has been reached).
  • Submit all the data to the server.
  • Download all the data from the server and make a backup of the dataset submitted so far.
  • Make changes in your xlsform and upload your survey form again.
  • Deploy and continue collecting data with the new version.

You could however merge the dataset with the earlier version of the dataset as all your variables should also be the same. HOPE IT WORKS! GOOD LUCK!!!

Many thanks for your kind Support.

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