Report download stuck at "Pending... Click to Refresh"

I’m facing this issue since yesterday. This is for downloading legacy XLS reports.
The screen shows “Pending… Click to Refresh” and doesn’t give the link to download the report.

Any help? Thanks.

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I’m also having the same issues. And urgently I need to have the data set.
Is there any suggestion to resolve the issue?


Same here, not just for legacy, but also any other option of downloading the data.

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Same from my end, Have tried to delete and export again but it doesn’t help.

No resolution for this? :frowning:

If you desperately need your dataset before solution provided by the support, try this: It will show the urls of your survey dataset in csv format. Found it from . However, some multiple selection columns which normally available in excel format are missing.

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That does help. As one can see the data, and can at least start working with it. Thank you Patric!

Hi all, we believe we have fixed the error causing this. Please let us know if any of you are still experiencing this issue.

Team KoBo

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Hi all,
since yesterday morning (after the maintenance of the system) I cannot get my data. I have tried to download it in a forms offered by Kobo. But all I get is a sign saying pending/processing, nothing happens.

Having a report due tomorrow, this is quite urgent!

Thank you very much in advance.

Everytime I try to export my dataset to Xls or CSV in order to download it fails. I am hoping the database upgrade that was conducted yesterday has caused this. How can I solve this?

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Working as expected, thanks.