Reporting on selected data submissions

Hi. I’m new to this forum and still working out Kobotoolbox. I would like to know if it is possible to create a report from only certain select submissions to the same form. For example, if a form I have created has 16 submissions, and 8 are from Cambodia, and 8 are from Myanmar, can I select the 8 submissions from one of those countries and create a summary report just for the submissions from that country? There is a question in my form that asks which country that data is coming from if that helps. Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi @Ted1,

Welcome tot he community! Yes, this is possible in KoBoToolbox using the Custom Report feature. To learn more on how to do the same please have a look at our support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports. From the support article please have a closer look at the GROUP BY feature which should allow you to perform what you require.

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This is awesome! Thank you. That “Group By” feature is what I was after and works really well. Thanks.

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just to add to @Kal_Lam. As far as I know, you cannot create separated reports for each group. (Also, a filter in the table view is not referenced in a report.)
The reports include all cases.

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I have gone through with article but I couldn’t get much help. I need report on the selected data base like there are data from Dec 21 to Jul 21 and I need report only for Apr to Jun 21. Please guide me how to do this.

Welcome back to the community, @phonixvk! Currently this feature is not available with KoBoToolbox. We however already have a feature request for the same:

Maybe you could VOTE to make this a reality.

The link did not provide any information on how to analyze using GROUP BY feature. Can you please guide me through it?

@rludin, you will need to go through this section from the support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports :

Hi. I’m new to this forum and still working out Kobo toolbox. The "Group’ feature is not working for me. I have a similar situation for where there are 167 submissions where 67 submissions for one location and 100 submission are for another location in one province. Can I be able to select only the 67 submissions from the first site and create a summary report just for the submissions of the first site and likewise for the next site? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Welcome to the community, @engdson! If you group by the selected variable, you will be able to view the report split by the chosen variable. Thus, it’s impossible to filter the report as requested.