"Researchers, Aid Workers & Everyone Else" account limitation

i want to know about the limitation of " Researchers, Aid Workers
& Everyone Else" account, if there is limitation for the number of form submission i want to know how can i bypass this limitation or how can i increase it, in my organization we may have more than 3500 submission in a month, if this is not possible to exceed the limit if there is any, is this possible to use another account in name of UN OCHA and what can be its limitation and how can i move my project from “reserachers, aid workers” account to UN OCHA account.

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Hi @maqsadullah,

Maybe the support article linked below could be of help for you:

Regarding your concern, i see that you are approximately submitting more than 3500 submissions/ month i.e. i understand less than 10000 submissions/ month. In this case, if you are using less than 5GB storage per month it’s fine to work with your Non-Humanitarian Server hosted by KoBoToolbox (https://kf.kobotoolbox.org).

But, if you’re using the Non-Humanitarian Server and plan to exceed the monthly submission or storage limits, please email info@kobotoolbox.org to discuss feasibility and potential extra costs.