REST API Submission to different form


I would like to send a copy of the submitted form to a different form in a different account, why I am trying to do is, because I have a partner, and the partner also has their own Kobo account. They have connected dashboards to their forms, but they also have to use shared forms. Instead of downloading and uploading it again, I am trying to send a copy of the form directly, I mostly achieved my goal, but there is a small problem that I need to solve. You can find my code below. I need to use the code below to be able to edit the form in other accounts.

So if I create a rest service with the code and assume my questions are “q1, q2, q3”, instead of adding the questions to existing data, it creates a column “data/q1”,“data/q2”, “data/q3”. So how can access the column name in %SUBMISSION% part

  "submission" :{
    "data": %SUBMISSION%,
    "formhub": {
      "uuid": "cc5907aedf0a41deb60683a381b66947"

    "meta": {
      "instanceID": "uuid:{{_uuid}}"

@osmanburcu, if this is helpful we have a snippet that should do this in python (which has been discussed in our other post) …

Hi Kal,

Thank you for your answer, but this is not what i am looking for. I am trying to send a submitted form to directly and another form in Kobo without any python or other scripts. To be able to do that i just need to access the key and values in the %SUBMISSION%