REST Services not working on the Global Server?

Hi, @Kal_Lam and everyone. I’m new in this forum but a long time Kobo user.
Im facing the same issue, REST Service do not trigger since yesterday, or if triggers it does it randomly.

I’m having this problem in all deployed forms, which many of them connects to a third-party webhook that’s working fine. I also tested on Beeceptor with the same results.

Edit: it’s slowly working, but it takes half an hour, or an hour in some cases to send the response to the webhooks.

Hi! The same happens to me

We are facing this same issue where “the REST services have stopped sending data to the designated webhook endpoint” since about yesterday. This is on server The last REST service submission was on Friday Sep 8. Please help!

I’m facing the same issue, did you had resolve…? on server

Please @Kal_Lam can you help…?

Not resolved yet. On Saturday many REST services transactions failed on multiple forms. Since then REST services transaction has not triggered for many form submissions. Entries in multiple forms have been made by team members since Friday and through the weekend.

Experiencing the same issue since morning hours today

This issue seems to have gotten resolved. REST transactions are now happening for form submissions, though some REST transactions are still in ‘pending’ state.

Thank you kobotoolbox support team

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Thanks kobo support teams, the issue has been resolved.

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Hello Kobo support team. my webhooks are still not working as expected cannot see pending/submitted request today .

Yes, looks like the problem is not fully resolved. Webhooks (REST service transactions) have not fired for submissions in at least one of our forms today (Sept 12 india time).

Hi all. i’m using kobo from France and is having the same issue. Does someone has a solution?

Dear @Kal_Lam and kobotoolbox support team,

Can you please help resolve this issue? Just like for @tristihane, we also have email notification (and unique id generation) set up for our Kobo forms in the server that the REST service sends data to. This is currently not happening. Data entry in Kobo forms has been put on hold since last 4 days because of this issue. There are a number of REST service transactions in ‘pending’ state and it has not been triggered for many other form submissions.

Any help will be immensely appreciated.


@bfabian33, @aaj, @admin_landasan, @smwongela, @dryas, are you all having the REST service issues on the Global Server?

I am actually on the Global server. Just tested the EU server and the REST service is working. Maybe i’ll switch my worspace there.

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Thank you, @dryas, for confirming. We will get back to you once we resolve this issue.

Hi @Kal_Lam, @dryas, me too, I am on the Global server

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Thank you for confirming @bfabian333! We will get back to you once we resolve this issue.

Hello @Kal_Lam, I’m on Is that the global server?

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Thank you for confirming, @aaj! We will get back to you once it’s resolved. Thank you for brining this to the community!

@lecruitemmanuel, @bfabian333, @aaj, @admin_landasan, @smwongela, @dryas, please be informed that the REST services should now work as expected. Thank you for bringing this issue to the community!