Restrict none from appearing or being selected when other options are selected

@Kal_Lam how can I make the choice “None of the above” disappear or restrict its selection when other choices are selected? I have seen other solutions where you can use “not(selected(., ‘none’) and count-selected(.) > 1)”,this doesnt work well for me since “None” is not restricted or de-activated. See the XLS Form the question in the XLS form I am building.
IR1 and 2 SSV Tool Jan23 - Copy.xlsx (29.7 KB)

You have already found the available option - if “none” is the name of the choice (not its label!).

  • not(selected(., ‘none’) and count-selected(.) > 1).
    But your attached file is different.

Another formula would be:

  • if( selected(., ‘none’), count-selected(.) = 1, true() ).

You cannot activate a constraint or change the choice_list during editing a field, only when the field loses focus.

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